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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

We connect, unify, and mobilize people of faith and of goodwill to best serve our youth, families, and communities. We believe community transformation happens through leader-led collaboration, so we bring community leaders together to listen and learn, and we connect the right people to the right resources from the right organizations to create lasting change. This pursuit of the common good through uncommon unity opens doors for God to move and change a community.


Our Vision

We dream of the day when a Hope4Community is serving in every Miami Valley community. We work toward youth, families, and communities benefiting from generous mentors, competent coaches, and committed coalitions of community leaders. We envision a day when the Miami Valley is famous for its unified generosity the same way it's known for its innovation.


At MVLF, we believe the following:

Communities are first people, not projects.

We know every community has pressing needs that require strategy and initiatives. But we also know how a community’s needs can escalate when those who seek to help forget that communities aren’t an assembly line of projects, but a living connection of people. When we remember that communities are first people, we are more likely to shape our strategy and initiatives to meet real needs in real time.

Unity, not uniformity, helps transform communities.

We value what makes each church, service organization, and nonprofit unique. And we want to honor the unique histories and passions of the groups and organizations committed to the Miami Valley’s well-being. Which is why we want to bring these organizations together, to utilize our strengths in unison, rather than observe our differences from afar. Unity doesn’t equal uniformity, and our communities are better served when we draw from each others’ strengths to create lasting change.

We are better together than we are apart. 

Our communities win when a community’s various sectors—churches, government, schools, business, service and nonprofit—join under the banner of community change. And to do that, we shape our efforts for collaborative change around the “Wheel of Change.”

Circle of Vision

Want to learn more about the Wheel of Change?
Check out this video!

For more than forty years, Leadership Foundations has served communities around the world believing that relationships that change our cities change the world. 


The Miami Valley is one of more than forty Leadership Foundation cities, with more than 3,000 community-based and institution partners (like MVLF!). Collectively, the Leadership Foundations global network serves hundreds of thousands each year. 

Through the legacy of Leadership Foundations, MVLF has learned the indispensable value of unified care for communities, starting coming alongside the next generation through mentoring.

Did you know that the Miami Valley Leadership Foundation is part of a larger family? 

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