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Together, we’re working to see the Miami Valley transformed by hope. We envision youth who no longer feel isolated. We see families no longer burdened by brokenness. We imagine communities no longer crumbling but thriving and flourishing.

We invite you to join us. You can help transform lives and communities in the Miami Valley.

A financial gift today can help transform a life. Here’s how:

We value our monthly partners:

  • $50 per month will provide mentoring to an at-risk teen, restoring a life of addiction and despair to a life of faith, hope and purpose.

  • $100 per month will enable a struggling family to receive financial coaching and aid to overcome life’s obstacles.


We value our one-time givers:

  • $50 can help provide school supplies and healthy meals for an at-risk child.

  • $100 can provide mentoring and help restore a child suffering from despair to a life filled with hope and purpose.

  • $250 can provide mentoring to a single mother equipping her with the skills and resources needed to care for her family.

  • $500 can help provide hope and faith to a family overcome by the financial loss due to an unplanned event.

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