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Located just south of Dayton, West Carrollton is a small river town that borders the Great Miami River to the north. Our city is proud of its blue-collar roots in the paper mill industry and its rich transportation history at one time, having five forms of transport: train, canal, riverboats, trolleys, and cars.


Hope4 West Carrollton

The city has fallen on hard times over the years, with most of the industry leaving town. But the people of West Carrollton are a proud group of overcomers. David Fisher had dreamed of making a difference, and with the help of the Miami Valley Leadership Foundation, this dream became a reality.

"Hope 4 West Carrollton” started as a dream to open up the walls (doors) of a church to welcome in the community and make a difference in the lives of those in need.   The answer to those dreams and prayers was Miami Valley Leadership Foundation and the blessings of the Hope 4 model."

We are proud to say that with over 30 Hope 4 West Carrollton partner’s the vision God gave David has grown and continues to grow every day.  We are active in serving our community through sharing our faith through building projects, food distribution, meeting material needs such as clothing and furniture, to name a few. Our partners are committed to and proud of this fantastic community they call home.

Several local churches, city employees, and our school district have come alongside us on this vision to make West Carrollton the best it can be.

How It Started

In 2019 when David Fisher, a local Dayton business owner and Zion Lutheran Church member, was invited to participate in a Hope 4 Community information meeting. According to David, witnessing those first Hope 4 Community meetings was like “eating and drinking goodness and God’s love.” He knew he needed to take this concept back to Zion’s visioning team. This was exactly what they had been dreaming about for West Carrollton.

In June of 2020, right in the middle of the global pandemic, a small group of leaders met to discuss the start of Hope 4 West Carrollton (H4WC). A movement that relies upon relationships and community found a way to navigate through shutdowns and social distancing in creative and innovative ways. God’s work would not be stopped!

Since the first meeting in June of 2020, eight churches (and growing) along with community leaders, residents, and local school district personnel have partnered together seeing the incredible impact of collaborative partnerships, leveraging the unique assets of organizations and giftedness of individuals ~ doing so much more than they could alone.

Over the past year, David and the Hope 4 West Carrollton leadership team prayed for a local leader, with a heart for West Carrollton, to become the first official director. They prayed for someone that would embrace the vision of bringing the entire community together to serve one another with love and kindness. In March 2021, Rich Harmon, Pastor of Outreach and Discipleship at West Carrollton Nazarene, was appointed the Hope 4 West Carrollton Community Director.

“I started meeting with David regularly and a friendship quickly developed. God was beginning to do what God does…equip people to serve Him in ways to fulfill His will. After much prayer, meeting with Jay Schindler (MVLF President), having a few conversations with Sarah Pelphrey (MVLF Community Specialist and the Hope 4 Miamisburg Director), attending some zoom meetings, and seeing the passion that the people already involved with MVLF had, I could not resist. I am honored to serve as Director of Hope 4 West Carrollton to serve those on the team and our community’s amazing people.” – Rich Harmon

We are so thankful for the MVLF leadership, the tools they provided, and most importantly the guidance and relationships they modeled and helped us build. They gave us credibility and confidence to forge ahead and be faithful to God’s plans.” – David Fisher


Rich Harmon  – Hope 4 West Carrollton Director Story

I began my full-time ministry role with West Carrollton Nazarene at the beginning of 2021 as the pastor of outreach and discipleship. At that time, I spoke with our former youth pastor Stewart Oswalt about projects he had been working. One of which was partnering with Hope4WC. I was excited about this partnership because we prayed to connect all West Carrollton and Moraine churches to serve in a greater capacity.

I contacted David Fisher and knew after our first meeting that God would open some big doors for all of us. I started meeting with David regularly, and a friendship developed quickly, God was beginning to do what God does, and that is to equip people to serve His him in the ways to fulfill His will.

David approached me and asked that I prayerfully consider a leadership role for Hope4WC. After much prayer, meeting with Jay Schindler, having a few conversations with Sarah Pelphrey, attending zoom meetings, and seeing the passion that the people already involved had, I couldn't resist. I am honored to serve as Director of Hope4WC to serve those on the team and our community's amazing people.

Sunshine after the Storm

The storm of covid-19 left a mark on our city, schools, businesses, and churches over the past year. But, with the strength of our city leaders, city workers, school leaders, teachers and workers, and our local businesses and churches, West Carrollton has weathered the storm.

That's what we do.

Hope 4 West Carrollton took shape amidst this storm. With David Fisher, a small group from the community, and Miami Valley Leadership Foundation dropping the anchor and creating an anchor point for our community. Hope 4 West Carrollton started meeting and making important contacts and bringing the community together in a way that would not only close the gaps within West Carrollton but develop close partnerships that have and will continue to serve and strengthen our great community.

With our team of partners, we meet needs in the community that otherwise would go unmet, from home repair, food assistance, home furnishings, yard work, school supplies, and addiction recovery, to name a few.  And we are just getting started!

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