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Build Healthy Communities

How Do We Build Healthy Communities?

We Find a Champion


How do we define a “champion”? A champion invites others to be a part of the story of community change.


Champions create connections and deepen relationships. They bring together a community’s faith leaders to build a “coalition of churches.” The coalition then develops connections among a community’s civic sectors such as government, business, education, nonprofit, and others. As leaders link arms across organizational differences, they begin to build a group of diverse, like-minded leaders that we call a “Hope4Community.”

We Build Each Other Up

To build a healthy community, a Hope4Community looks to see what others bring to the table and learns about what is already working. They set aside differences, and they aim to build one another up. We call that “building the capacity of others.”


Building others’ capacity creates trust, disables skepticism, develops momentum, removes redundancy, and establishes unity. Under-resourced work becomes empowered action. And it makes a Hope4Community different: community transformation driven by togetherness.

Carpentry Work

We Join Together to Go Together

Educational Gardening

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” says an African proverb. And a Hope4Community is where community leaders and neighbors join together to go together to transform a community.

A Hope4Community pursues what we call “joint initiatives,” making a communities’ heavy needs lighter by lifting them together. Everyone employs their giftings and qualifications together, in unison, transforming individual effort to real, collaborative change.

This Is How We Build Healthy Communities

Engaging leaders, building capacity, and developing joint initiatives: this is how we build and transform a healthy community.

And we invite you to take part of transforming your community with hope! Check below to see the Hope4Communities serving near you.

To learn more about how we build healthy communities, visit our mission and vision page.

Circle of Vision

These Are Hope4Communities.


Miamisburg has a small town feel with a big commitment to care for hurting families and help them overcome obstacles.


One of the core suburbs of Metropolitan Dayton, Centerville, OH was established in 1968 and is now home to over...

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