May 9, 2020

Coaching Staff

Don Solin

Certified Professional Life Coach

Principal, The In Ministry Coach
Lead Pastor, Field of Grace Worship Center
Past Pastor of Next Generation, Fairhaven Church
Past Lead Pastor, Far Hills Community Church
(BA) Colorado Christian University
Fuller Theological Seminary, Church Planting CertificateChristian Coach Institute; ICF accredited



Todd Baker

Finance & Administration Director

Certified Financial Master Coach

Finance & Admin Manager, City of Miamisburg (retired)
(BS) Wright State University
(MPA) Wright State University
Financial Coach Master Training; Dave Ramsey

Among other career successes, Todd has worked in the business administration and finance realms for 30+ years.  His management of both business and personal finances, together with extensive education and training as a personal finance coach, make him uniquely qualified to coach others.
Todd enjoys coming along side individuals and families and helping them achieve financial peace in their lives, guiding them toward their financial goals, and helping them become the best they can be in the area of personal finances. 
Do you really know where all of your money is going each month? 
What if you were following a plan for your money that you knew would work and allow your spending decisions to be done wisely?
What if you could become debt-free and also have an emergency fund saved for those unexpected financial situations – while investing for retirement and planning a legacy system?
Sound impossible?  It’s not!  It mostly requires some spending behavior changes and identifying where every dollar is going.

Jay Schindler

President, Miami Valley Leadership Foundation

Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

Executive Coach, G2 Potential LLC

Past Consultant, Oliver Group / LPI-U.S.

Past Market Development, Teradata Corporation

Past CEO, ESKCO Corporation

(BA) Taylor University, (MBA) Everest University

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) 


Carving out time for personal growth makes the difference. The daily fire burns bright and your inbox ding can be deafening. But it requires intentional effort to work on the church or nonprofit ministry when it’s so easy to get lost working in the church or nonprofit ministry.
A good coach helps leaders (seasoned and new) push through distractions and transition their task saturation to manageable expectations in the leadership levels where they belong. Maximizing your God-given potential is pleasing to God, empowering to those you lead, and results in you living a happier, more fulfilling life. And that’s precisely what MVLF wants for you.